Add your Cannabis Listing to The PotAdvisor

With your listing visible on The PotAdvisor, you can expect to get referral traffic on your website. This traffic is highly targeted and is your core audience. When they land on your website you can be sure they will remember your brand and most likely buy products from you!

Everyone that is searching for a specific cannabis-related business in the search bar will be able to find your offer and website within their geographical area. The list of cannabis business we advertise include:

  • Every Cannabis brands such as concentrates, edibles, CBD, growers…
  • Local Cannabis Dispensaries
  • Canadian Online Dispensaries
  • CBD Dispensaries
  • Mushroom Dispensaries
  • Same Day Weed Delivery
  • Cannabis Seed Banks
  • Head Shops and Smoke Shops

Having an online website is a great start but the real challenge is to bring your business to the eye of your customer. When it comes to buying weed online search engines and especially Google is the best place to be visible. 

One of the strategies to improve your SEO and ranking is building Backlinks that point toward your website. They are an important ranking factor in the eyes of Google and if it is done properly it can give you a serious competitive advantage and bring you to the first page. When you get a listing from The PotAdvisor we make sure your listing is optimized and includes relevant backlinks pointing to your website.

BONUS TIPS: Don’t create hundreds and thousands of backlinks, sometimes a good handful of relevant links are enough to bring you where you want. When building backlinks you need to focus on quality.

A quality backlink depends on a multitude of factors such as:

  • Content: does the website I want to get backlinks from has relevant content?
  • Industry: is this website talking to my audience and is relevant to my industry?
  • Website traffic: is this website getting any organic traffic? If not it might not be a good idea to pay for it

Once you have your listing up and running on the PotAdvisor we will feature your listing in relevant articles, which will give your business more chances to be found and it also improve the number of backlinks driving traffic to your website.

Here are a few examples:

  • You are a Same-Day Weed Delivery Service in Toronto and we are writing an article related to “the best weed delivery in Toronto” we will mention your business in this article.
  • You are a CBD brand and we plan on writing articles about CBD usage, we will mention your business when it comes to talking about the most relevant CBD brands.

If you want your business to be even more visible we can write a full review of your business. Once it is done and we actually know that your business is relevant and professional to our audience we will feature your business as a priority for the next piece of content.

Listings and articles are not all the content we are creating. We also review all types of business. If you already have a listing with us we will deduce the price of your listing from the price of the review, allowing you to get more content for less money!

A full review of your business includes 2500 words and usually 3 products of your choice. This review will be visible on Google when people are looking for your business review. It is a great way to build trust in potential customers. It is also great for your SEO and Google Rankings, we will include relevant backlinks in the review redirecting to your product categories and homepage.

Here are examples with HerbapproachCannabismoSpeedGreens($750CAD one time instead of $950CAD)

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