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Weed Delivery Edmonton, Alberta

When the need arises and you’re on the hunt for some weed in Edmonton, we have you covered. What was a challenge is now just a few clicks away. Edmonton is a gloriously diverse weed market, with a wide range of strains, a long list of hybrids and everything your can imagine and more in the world of edibles, oils and more. Choices and quality are consistently excellent and with several cheap delivery options, you’ll have what you need, delivered to your door within a couple of hours so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home.

No need to get hold of your favorite dealer, and of course, that wasn’t exactly legal. When you did find your favorite dealer you had to be satisfied with whatever they had available at the time worse than that, and this was even true with your favorite dealer, quality was inconsistent at best and the prices were almost always stunningly high.

That’s ancient history now and it’s all thanks to the Pot Advisor where everything on offer in Edmonton is at your fingertips. A few clicks is all it takes to find just what you’ll need to satisfy your cravings or to enjoy a bit of discovery. Pot Advisor helps you expand your world of weed far beyond what you used to be able to enjoy.

Featured Weed Delivery Services in Edmonton, AB

Weed Delivery


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Weed Delivery


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Weed Delivery


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Leafy Jay

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Speedy Kush

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YegBuds Weed Delivery

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Edmonton, AB, C..

Choose Your Delivery Area

You will find affordable delivery services in Edmonton, some other services will also deliver your 420 products outside of Edmonton (which is considered to be outside of the Anthony Henday Border) in towns like St Albert, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Fort Saskatchewan.

beaumont cannabis



Fort Saskatchewan

sherwood cannabis

Sherwood Park

spruce groove cannabis

Spruce Grove

st albert cannabis

St. Albert

stony plain cannabis

Stony Plain

Why Using Weed Delivery in Edmonton

Weed delivery services are offering many advantages especially in big cities like Edmonton. If it is your first time using a weed delivery service, you are wondering if it is the best choice. Here are reasons why you should use a reliable weed delivery service in Edmonton.

discreet delivery


We are careful to represent dispensaries that understand the need for discretion and take all the steps needed to ensure your privacy. This includes the packaging that offers no telltale signs and drivers that are equally committed to keeping your privacy intact.

Xpress Delivery

Most of the dispensaries we represent at The PotAdvisor offer same-day delivery throughout Edmonton and many can even deliver within 2 hours so you can have your weed just about as fast as a great pizza or a bit of Chinese food. It just doesn’t get any easier than that. One of the easiest ways to ensure your weed is delivered fast is to select a dispensary, with the weed you want, that is closest to you. The Pot Advisor provides a map function that makes it easy to identify the closest option.


Focused on Quality

You love your weed and so do we, and while not everyone’s tastes are the same, there are consistencies in what makes for a great high. We sort out the skunks so you can shop with confidence. Just decide what mood you’re after and select the weed that will best suit that mood. Our descriptions accurately define what you will get from each and every delivery service we present so and since we can cross many dispensaries, the range of choice we can offer is unparalleled.

How does Weed Delivery in Edmonton Work?

First, it’s easy and that is exactly as it should be. Shopping for weed is no different than shopping for groceries or ordering a pizza online. The only real difference is that when you use The Pot Advisor you’ll be just a few clicks away from having your order placed and ready to process.


There are legal requirements when it comes to selling and buying weed, one of which is designed to protect minors from purchasing weed. When you find the delivery service you’re going to order from, be sure to check their specific policies for providing the right forms of Id and how that It needs to be presented. Some dispensaries will require to set up an account so they can keep a copy of your Id on file for future deliveries.

Delivery Cost

For the most part, you’ll find many Edmonton dispensaries offer free delivery with a minimum spend. That’s normally in the range of $40 to $100 per order. For smaller orders or orders outside the Edmonton area you can expect a delivery charge that will vary based on the distance from the dispensary to the delivery address. The range normally starts at $5 and climbs from there. For the most part though, it is unlikely to go past $20.

Delivery Payment

While there are some exceptions, most of the dispensaries in Edmonton accept etransfer payments. When you use this payment method you’ll get an email with the payment instructions. The vendor will then have to accept your payment before they’ll be able to process your order. Most of these dispensaries will also accept COD payments as will all of those that do not accept electronic payments. For those offering both, it will be your choice.

Delivery Time

Dispensaries in Edmonton normally open at 10 in the morning and close at 10:00 PM. However, most dispensary websites will accept orders 24 hours a day. They’ll just hold and process off-hours orders during the next business day.

Their online chat is generally only available during their normal operating hours though so if you have questions it will be best to wait until they are open for business. You’ll also find that eTransfer payments won’t typically be confirmed for off-hours orders until the dispensary reopens.

Delivery times vary but for the most part, what you order in the morning or early afternoon will be delivered that afternoon or evening. Many dispensaries also offer faster delivery options so you could get your order delivered within an hour or so, depending on how far you are from the dispensary you are shopping with.

weed delivery services

Are all cannabis products available for delivery in Edmonton?

The short answer is, everything you can buy in a dispensary you can also buy online. It would be unusual to find any product that can’t be delivered or that the dispensary will not want to send out to you. Use The Pot Advisor to find what you’re looking for and just order without any worry at all.

cannabis flowers

Flower Delivery

As you’d expect, this is the most common product being ordered online and our site is chock full of options, across a wide range of Edmonton dispensaries. Whether you’re looking for an Indica, Sativa or hybrid, we have you covered. In fact, if it’s available in Edmonton you’ll find it on The PotAdvisor.

This includes the more premium and boutique strains so even the hard-to-find get easy to locate on our site. We also keep you up to date on the latest special offers and discounts so finding a special $100 ounce or other special is a breeze. You can count on us to make sure you’re getting the best prices currently available.

oil and concentrates

Extracts & Concentrates Delivery

If you’re looking for a more potent level of THC or a more convenient way to enjoy your weed without smoking, extracts and concentrates are a great option. These are also an excellent choice when you’re looking to consume in smaller or more controlled dosages.

The most popular forms for these are in pre-filled vape cartridges but there are many other forms as well. You’ll find a wide range of items, including shatter, crumble, hash, oils, and distillates. These are all available on The Pot Advisor and for delivery by most Edmonton dispensaries.

cannabis infused edibles

Edibles Delivery

Edibles have been a favorite for almost as long as weed has been smoked and for many, this is the best way to consume weed. Whether in the form of Gummies, caramels, chocolates, or the classic brownie, these are a delicious way to enjoy unique and long-lasting cannabis effects.

It’s also one of the best ways to ensure you are consuming the exact dose of both THC and CBD you’re looking for and that’s especially important when using cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Online Dispensaries are also Serving Edmonton

The best and last place to find your favorites is at The Pot Advisor. We’ve researched the options and we’ve found the latest and best offers. No need to go from dispensary to dispensary looking for just the right cannabis product.

If Local delivery services are not providing you with the right products you can always buy from the most reliable online dispensaries in Canada. You will get your order mailed for free. usually for orders above $150, right to your doorstep within a couple of days!


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